Solpeo Engine Documentation

Welcome to the Solpeo Engine Documentation. The Solpeo Engine will help you get started quickly with your HTML5 game.

Our Engine is highly abstracted, so you can write your code once, and then publish for many platforms without adapting your codebase.

Platforms Supported

The Engine can power your 2D or isometric games. Currently it is able to publish directly to HTML5, support will be added in the near future to package your games as a native application for multiple mobile platforms. Support to publish to Qt QML is planned.

Currently supported browsers:

Experimental support:

Any browser which supports Canvas should be expected to run the engine.

Getting Started with the Engine

To write your game using the Solpeo Engine, just write your game logic in Javascript, and use our API to bring your game to life. To get started look here: Getting Started with the Solpeo Engine